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Coaching Philosophy

During my tennis career, I have had the opportunity to see how some tennis players develop into champions. It requires a combination of several factors, some of which you are born with and others which can be developed. In order to maximize your potential, you must be disciplined, coachable, and have a tremendous work ethic.

Every tennis player is different and there is not just one way to stroke the ball. Although, I will consistently teach the basic fundamentals of the game, each student will be evaluated individually, and taught according to his/her own mental and physical capabilities and style. At Beka Tennis Academy we not only teach the fundamentals of playing the game but we teach court etiquette; good sportsmanship on and off the court and being polite and courteous to players, coaches, referees, staff, “everyone”!

Today’s success is strongly related to the mental aspect of the game. Mental toughness translates into a self-confident competitor. The difference between a good tennis player and a champion is the ability to win the key points during a match by being mentally tough.

If a player loses a match, there is always a reason, and it is important to find the reason and dedicate time and effort to make corrections. There is always a solution. Making mistakes is normal. The secret to minimizing errors is to focus on correcting the mistakes and adopt a problem-solving attitude.

Every single practice should have a purpose and should emphasize quality verses quantity. Whether you are playing in a match or just practicing, always perform at your best with 100% intensity and focus.


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