Irakli Labadze | Highest ATP World Tour Ranking Ė ď42Ē (July 2004)

Beka and I have traveled together for some time. He has helped me to find my game and prepare mentally and physically for matches. He has been a great support on and off the court as a coach. To have had him next to me was like having a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

One tournament I remember especially well is when I played in the semi-finals at the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells, California. Prior to this tournament I had played at the SAP Open Tournament in San Jose, CA where I suffered an injury. I thought and felt that because of this injury I would have no chance to even advance past the first or second rounds of this Masters Series tournament. Beka motivated me and made me believe in myself so much that I reached the semi-finals in one of the most prestigious tournaments on the ATP Tour. Beka is an amazing coach, mentor, person and friend. It was a great honor to have him on my side.


Nishanth Yamani | UCLA NCAA Division 1 Player

Beka has been my coach for the last 10 years, since I was 8 yrs old.

He was very detailed on technique and has always taught me very aggressive stroke play. Even when we had our moments at times during a lesson, he always made sure I left the lesson with full understanding of whatever we were working on. At times, he would extend the lesson just to make sure I could execute the stroke flawlessly.

In addition to tennis, he provided advise and emphasized fitness and nutrition with his students constantly. A normal 1 hr lesson would extend by another 15-30 minutes with some kind of physical fitness routine outside the courts.

Knowing that he competed at the highest level it was always fun to play against himÖhe really gets into it and brings the best out of you.

Beka is a consummate professional and I highly recommend him as a coach.


Ruslana Makarova | ITF Player

Before I started training with Beka I thought I had a well-rounded tennis game but since training with him I have come to understand a whole different level of the game and the skills needed in order for me to reach my potential. Beka helped me to find my game and now I understand that I can achieve my goals in tennis. I am very lucky that I met a coach like Beka. He is a master of his job and he gives his students 100%. Beka is an amazing person with a great sense of humor. He is also a great mentor and friend. Beka and I have the same goals for my game I want him to be my coach for many more years to come.


Matthew Taoatao

Beka is a great coach and friend. I took lessons from Beka for 7 years and he taught me everything I know. He really cares about his students and wants them to improve every time they step on the court. With his coaching I was able to receive many college scholarship opportunities for tennis on the east coast. I would definitely recommend taking lessons from Beka if you want to take your game to the next level.


Avery Aude | USTA Top Ranked Player

I started working with Beka last summer and realized immediately that he wasnít like any coach Iíve ever had before. Beka saw what I needed right away and had a clear plan for me. We work hard every time, but I always have fun playing and learning from him. He has shown me how to think for the first time in tennis, and helped me to understand how to really play this game. Iíve never had a coach like Beka before and I wouldnít ever want to be without him. I look forward to our lessons every week and becoming a better player. He is truly the best!


David Schneiderman

I have been taking lessons from Beka for almost 6 years, and I can honestly say that I have steadily improved since the first day. His understanding not only of the techniques and strategies of the game, but also of my personal strengths and limitations, have helped me grow as a player, and kept me enthusiastic about tennis. The clinics he runs for adults are fun, somewhat social affairs with players of equal skill and enthusiasm. Lots of fun!


Alex Merzel

After taking my son to his lessons with Beka for a few years I got hooked and started taking lessons myself. Bekaís professionalism can be overshadowed only by his friendliness, politeness, courtesy and extremely philosophical thinking. For the last 5-6 years I have been enjoying my lessons. My level of tennis has improved tremendously in technique and thinking and I am looking forward to the next lesson. Working with Beka has given me the chance to meet other players and to practice with people of my skill level or better. Adult clinics, which Beka runs on a regular basis, are lots of fun and a ton of good practice.

Bekaís patience with students is beyond belief. Bekaís work with kids does not stop at teaching them tennis and making them better players. He also gives them good life lessons and examples in being responsible, polite and serious when needed. Iíve witnessed radical change to the better in childrenís behavior after just a few months of working with Beka. Many parents with whom I have spoken have noticed these changes as well and praised Beka for doing a great job with their kids. Beka Tennis Academy is a great group to be a part of! Highly recommend.


Ruth Madievsky

Beka has been coaching me for 8 years. His passion for tennis is contagious and he taught me everything I know about the sport. With his help, I was able to compete on the Varsity level in middle and high school (Buckley), leading my team in singles. Beka is patient and will go over the same technique with his students over and over, until they get it right. He is incredibly dedicated to helping his students improve and on top of that, he is so kind and fun to be around. He always makes lessons interesting. I have worked as a coach at his summer program for several years and can attest to his passion and professionalism. He is a great person to work with and to have as a coach. I would give him the highest recommendation for anyone who is interested in tennis!


Diana Wilson

Iíve taken lessons from Beka for 8 years. He is consistently enthusiastic and one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He is reliable, responsible and has the utmost integrity with his students. Although I am an adult, I have seen Beka work with his kids and he has a great attitude and way with the children. They love taking lessons from him. He focuses on technique and builds skills by creating a sound foundation. He has his own philosophies on coaching which produces great results as evidenced by his studentsí success.


Mishelle Konviser

Iíve know Beka for many years now.. Not only did I learn the incredible techniques to tennis and how to play well, I also learned a lot of responsibly and manners needed for everyday life. Beka has helped me through everything Iíve ever needed. Not only is he an incredible coach, he is an honorable and amazing person. He is very fun to be around as well as to have lessons with, and is mostly always in a cheerful mood when teaching.

Although he does have his strict moments which donít let you forget about the depth knowledge of the sport. Beka really puts his effort into the students he teaches. He cares for all his students and does everything he can to be the most amazing coach. (honestly) I play many sports but until got to Beka I realize how much Iíve been missing out!



Gary Paronyan

Beka has been coaching my kids for years now. His coaching skills are excellent! Not only he teaches the proper technique of the sport but most importantly the strategy. There are many coaches out there that just spend time with the student without really trying to take them on a different level. Beka motivates each student, knowing the strengths and limitations, and makes them believe in themselves . He also runs weekly Summer camp which is a great way to practice the skills and have fun. We are very happy to have Beka as our coach!




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